“WILL you get better?” - Uncle Moe


"Will you get better ?!", is a question I would hear frequently from Uncle Moe while I ran up and down the court. That was his way of pushing us to make better decisions and to believe in ourselves the way he believed in us. He would always say "WILL you get better" never "CAN you get better",because he knew that we "could" get better, he knew that getting better was a choice, but will we make the decision to be better ? Now, 12 years later when I find myself struggling through life I still hear his voice in my head saying, "Nelle! Will you get better?" It's something that pushes me to wake up each day with the willingness to grow as a woman. 


So I pose the same question to you, "WILL you get better?"  We all have the same opportunity to grow and progress in whatever area of our lives we are willing to push ourselves. We have to believe in ourselves, it's not enough for others to believe. We all need an uncle Moe in our circle reminding us when we are not living up to our full potential to refocus and choose to do better. In what area of your life are you not living up to your full potential? What steps can you take to get better? Let's decide today to stop existing and start living. We are all capable of making a difference. We are all capable of living a happy and full life. The key to progression is the desire, discipline and willingness to always , every single day do something that will help us to GET BETTER! The choice is ours.