Camper: Leah Harmon

Age: 10

Camp: New York

I teamed up with coach Ced at the ball handling station once our New York camp kicked off.  This is usually when I get a good look at the campers. Coach Ced is someone who is very intense and loves for his station to be full of energy and excitement. We started off with stationary ball handling and then moved into some cone work. This is when I first noticed Leah, our Star Camper, she really set the tone for the rest of the group. She was full of energy and extremely focused on perfecting her ball handling skills. Her hard work really stood out and caught my attention. As the camp went on I kept a close eye on her, she did not say much in the drills but she did lead by example. Though she is only 10, she takes the game of basketball very serious. It is evident that she is looking to grow with the game and exceed the expectations of not only her peers but herself. She was like a sponge, soaking up the knowledge that was being poured into her. She took advantage of the many teaching moments she encountered and was very hungry for more. She was very confident and passionate, her love for the game seemed to keep her going throughout the whole entire camp. She is entering into her third year of playing which was a surprise to me because her skill level says otherwise. Once we got into scrimmaging , she began to talk more and show us what she was really made of. After her first game, she was moved up to play with the older kids. We love to see kids like her come through our camps, she was there on purpose with a desire to GET BETTER. After camp ended, I chased her down and asked her if I could interview her. She was hesitant because she wanted to get her nike bag signed by Skylar. After I promised her that I would make the interview quick she smiled and agreed to talk with me for a moment. 

Leah, what school do you go to?

School 15 in clifton.

What is your home state?

New Jersey.

What grade are you in?


How long have you been playing basketball?

Going on my third year.

What got you started?

Well, I use to do gymnastics and my brother had basketball. He had practice all the time so I use to be there. One day I was at gymnastics and my mom asked if I wanted to go to gymnastics or his basketball game, so I said I wanted to go to my brothers basketball game. I really liked it so I chose to start playing basketball.

What are two things that you focus on while you are training?

Speed and doing it right. 

What is so important about doing it right?

It’s important because if you do it wrong and you keep on doing it wrong it is going to happen in the game.

How often do you work out?

Uhmn, I have practices Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday so sometimes we will stay after or go a little earlier to workout.

What do you think you’re biggest challenge is on the court right now?


What’s your ultimate goal?

To make it to the WNBA and play with the USA team.

So who do you look up to?

I look up to Maya Moore, Skylar Diggins and Elena Delle Donne.


Because I like the style of how they play. 

How does Skylar inspire you?

The way she plays.

What’s something that you would like to say to sky?

I want to ask if she can follow me on Instagram.

Is there anything else you would want to say, anything encouraging to those who are reading this ?

Umm, work hard and follow your dreams!

It was such a pleasure speaking with Leah, she had such a sweet spirit and was very well spoken. She knows her end goal and we are confident that she will not stop working hard until she is living out her dreams. We wish her the very best and hope to see her next year. Thank you to her parents for allowing us to work with Leah, it was truly an honor.