Camper: Ava Wiley

Age: 9

Camp: L.A.



Our star camper for L.A. is nine year old Ava Wiley, she was one of the youngest and smallest on the court. Her tenacity is what caught my attention. She was the smallest thing out there, getting tossed around at times but that never stopped her from working hard. As a matter of fact, it seemed to push her to work that much harder. She got down in the paint with the bigs to rebound the ball. She played hard defense and was one of the first to dive on the floor for loose balls. There were times when she was not getting the ball but that did not stop her from cutting, moving and setting screens. She was not afraid to drive , shoot her shots and push the ball up the court. She worked extremely hard the whole entire camp, she was selfless and made sure she kept a smile on her face when she was not on the court putting in work. She showed that she was mentally strong by pushing through the many challenges she faced. Her love for the game just oozed out of her, she was so focused, composed and serious about taking advantage of the opportunity to be coached by Skylar Diggins. Here is what she had to say during our time together. 



What School do you go to?

Laguna Road Elementary


What grade are you in?

Third grade.


When did you start playing basketball?

Probably in the second or Third grade.


How old were you?

Probably six or seven years old.


What made you start playing?

When my dad started playing, I started playing. He inspired me to play. 


Does he help you work on your game?

Yes. He does dribbling drills with me and teaches me to set screens. 


What is your favorite drill?



Do you want to play in college?



What do you do before a game?

I shoot around and dribble. 


What’s your favorite meal before a game?

A tuna fish sandwich. 


How do you balance school and basketball?

I do my homework first and then I go outside and play basketball.


What kind of music do you like to listen to before a game?

Bruno mars. I like to listen to music that is calm.


Who taught you how to play good defense?

My dad.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a doctor and play basketball.


Do you want to play in the WNBA?



Do you have a favorite team?

Yes.The L.A. Sparks.


Who isyour favorite player?



When you watch her what do you focus on?

Her dribbling.


What is something that your dad has told you that inspires you?

To work hard and try your best.


Why did you decide to come to this camp?

Because I heard that sky diggins was here. 


What is something that you would want to tell her?

I want to thank her for allowing me to come to this camp and for teaching me.


What was your favorite part?

The scrimmages.


If there is anybody coming after you, what would you want to tell them?

Play hard. Work Hard. Do no give up.


Ava, like most kids her age has big dreams. It is one thing to have big dreams but another to have the work ethic to go along with it. The harder she pushes herself on and off the court the better she will get. I am certain that she will reach every goal she has set out to reach. We truly hope to see her back next year. Thank you Ava for coming out and allowing us to help your get better.