Camper: Savannah Velazquez

Age: 13

Camp: Houston

Houston was a tough one. Can you imagine trying to pick one kid out of over sixty hard working campers? I always find myself biting my nails at the end of each camp, going from staff member to staff member , hoping they are able to help me narrow down my search. This particular camper did not stand out to me the way the majority of the star campers did. The other star campers were outgoing,  aggressive and vocal which made them hard to miss. Savannah did not say much, as a matter of fact her quietness is what caught my attention. In the middle of camp I walked over to her, put my arms around her shoulders and said, “ Hey! How are you? Are you doing okay?” she just gave me a shy nod. Once I saw that she was shy I tried making small talk with her hoping she would open up a bit but still she just gave me quick answers. Before I walked away I asked her once more if she was okay, and this time with a smirk she said yes. From that point on, I kept an eye on her. On the court she still did not say much, her game is what did all the talking. If I had to give her a nickname it would be, silent killer. She was composed and made the game look easy. Savannah was sweet and shy off the court but on the court she turned into a beast. She is quick on her feet making it hard for her opponent to stop her from getting to the rack. She drove with power and pulled up quick for her jump shots. She was not afraid to take control of the momentum, she took on the role of a true point guard. Not only did she display excellent skills on offense, she made sure she was one of the first people back on defense. I did not know if I would be able to get much out of her but I was still eager to get her talking. Here is what she had to say. 


Where are you from?

Richmond, Texas.


How long have you been playing basketball?

Since I was 4.


Do you play any other sports?

Yes! I run track ,play volleyball and Soccer.


Which sport is your favorite?



Why is basketball your favorite?

Because my mom played and I like it!


Why did you start playing basketball?

My family and friends.


What are one or two things that you currently do now to work on your game?

I go to the gym and compete with other people that can help me get better, like my brother.


Who would you consider your hero?

Steph Curry, because he knows how to set the plays up.


If you could play like anybody, who would you play like?

I would play like Kyrie, he is a good point guard.


What are your goals?

To keep competing and pushing myself to try harder.


Do you want to play in the WNBA one day?



What team would you like to play for in college?



What would you say your biggest challenge is right now?

My left hand. 


How do you plan on making your left hand better?

by getting in the gym and working on my left hand.


Do you play AAU ball?

Yes, I play for LMBA.


How do you balance school and basketball?

I do my homework first and then play.


Why is school so important?

so that you can get a better education.


What do you eat before games?

A lucky charm bar.


What do you do before each game to get warmed up and focused?

I pray before the game. 


What is the best advice you have been given?

To never give up on yourself. My mom told me that. 


What inspires you to keep playing?

My mom, dad, and brother. They push me to get better.


Did you enjoy the camp?



What was your favorite part about the camp?

That I was able to get better whenever I made a mistake. 


Savannah has big dreams and has what it takes to accomplish every single one, plus more. We are happy she chose to allow us to help her get closer to her dreams, we hope to see her back next year.